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Genesis PRO Zander Tip
ZANDER TIP Special spinning rods with a short, very delicate and removable solid fibreglass tip. Relatively stiff blank allows to very aggressive lure pulls. Delicate, orange tip registers even the smallest bites in drop. Recommended for zander anglers on soft baits. Supplied with 3 removable tips in plastic tube. Additional spare tips available separately.
Genesis PRO Spinning Rods
SPINN RODS Wide range of spinning rods. There are 15 models in this range with wide array of lengths and casting weights. In this range you can easily find rod for your method and for species you want to catch. Very thin blanks with relatively low weight (fe. 2.7 m rod with 30g cw. weights just 160 g!) Stylish finish with ergonomic reel seat and classic cork handle.
Genesis PRO Spinning Rod
GENESIS PRO SEA TROUT SPIN Strong, 3 meters spinning rod with oversized guides. Guides with larger diameter reduce icing during winter fishing. Recommended for winter sea trout and salmon fishing.
Genesis PRO Spinning Rods
MICRO SPIN Spinn rods dedicated for the smallest lures. Very light and finesse rods for micro soft lures. Recommended for shy perch fishing. These blanks have enough power to land also bigger predators.
Genesis PRO Carp rods
2 AND 3-PCS CARP RODS In last few years carp fishing has became one of the most popular fishing methods. The reason is obvious - carp is a very strong and good fighting fish. Because of carp sizes, every angler should have good equipment that cope with this fish. GENESIS PRO CARP RODS are carefully designed and suited for enormous blank stresses. Specially in this case we use very robust metal reel seats. We have also equipped these rods with SIC guides in larger diameters.
Genesis PRO Feeder Rods
FEEDER Feeder fishing is one of the most effective method for bream, tench or carp. Basics of effective feeder fishing are: good setup, right bait and groundbait that attract fish in your swim. But one of the most important thing is right rod, that cope with heavy feeders, indicates bites and quickly strikes and lands fish - this is GENESIS PRO FEEDER. There are many different lengths in three casting weights: 90, 120 and 150 g.
Genesis PRO Feeder Rods
METHOD FEEDER Popularity of very effective Method feeder is amazing. Our offer of Method feeder rods is still increasing. We have wide range of rods in lengths from 2,7m to 3,6m and in two casting weights 45g and 60g. Thin, stylish blanks have enough power to land big bream or carp.
Genesis PRO Tele Float
TELE FLOAT Range of universal telescopic rods for float fishing. Ideal for catching bream, tench and big roach. They are made from high grade carbon blanks, that are light and robust. TELE FLOAT are ideal for anglers that looking for light, perfectly balanced high quality rods. Stylish design, guides, reel seat are perfectly made and create great rod for every angler.
Genesis PRO Poles

DOMINATOR Top class Jaxon poles. Stiff and balanced action. Centre of gravity is moved to lower part, so it is easier to using. Universal pole, also suits to canals and rivers. For carp anglers we recommend two piece POWER TOP kit for thicker elastics. Puller kit has a hole with SIC Zirconia ring to protect elastic. Maxi set available with stylish holdall.


Don't use during storm and close to high voltage power lines.

Genesis PRO Whips
WHIPS Some people think that using whips is very easy. It is not fully true, like other fishing methods using whips is also professional method. To land bigger fish with a whip you need right setups, that suits long rod. To comfortable fishing you need very light and robust rod. These are GENESIS PRO whips which are available in two versions: Limited Pole and Tele Pole.
Genesis PRO Bolognese Rods
TELE BOLO Advanced bolo rods for demanding anglers. Carefully designed rods in every detail. Protected joints. Very light guides, ideal for tip action blank.
Genesis PRO Match Rods
MATCH Stylish match rods. Two models available in two lengths 3,90m and 4,20m. Lighter rods with casting weights 20g have parabolic action and are great for light setups and shorter distances. Rods with casting weights to 25g have tip action for heavier setups, longer distances and better hook holds. Rods have ideal guides placing that helps during fishing. Guides with long feet are great with thin diameter fishing lines. Reel is perfectly mounted in the reel seat because of support inserts.
Genesis PRO Fly Rods
NYMPH FLY Special range of fly rods dedicated nymph fishing for grayling and trout. There are 3 basic lengths, from 3 meters rod to 3,55 m. The best quality finish with cork handle.
Genesis PRO Fly Rods
FLY Range of classic fly rods in the most popular length and weights, from delicate #3/4 rod to very strong #7/8 rod. 2 and 4 pcs rods available. Aluminium reel seats, snake guides and cork handle. Ideal for trout, sea trout and grayling fishing.
Symbian HX  Tetra Spin
TETRA SPIN Short spinn rods with tip action. Three different casting weights with strong blank for heavier jigs. Recommended especially to fish predators from boat.
Symbian HX  Tetra Cast, Tetra Jerk
TETRA CAST, TETRA JERK Casting rods for multiplier reels. TETRA CAST rods are for medium size lures, TETRA JERK are stronger rods for aggressive fishing for medium and large jerks. Classic, relatively short 2 piece blanks in lengths 2,00 - 2,12 m.
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