Jaxon Antris HTI

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In our wide range you can find rod for nearly all popular European fishing methods. If you travel to any place in Europe, you can be sure that you can find right rod for you in Jaxon offer. For many years we have been trying to meet the expectations of angling enthusiasts. We pay special attention to new directions, new methods and new rod blank constructions. A good example of this is growing range of feeder rods. ANTRIS HTI series is the most comprehensive range of our rods range. There are nearly 150 carefully selected rods based on carbon blanks made from C24T carbon fibre with SLIM-TS guides. All rods are made perfectly and have great angling performance. Pay attention to stylish design and attractive finish.

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TELE POLE Light, comfort and good balanced whips. Ideal for any float techniques with full length rigs.
BASIC POLE Telescopic rods without guides for catching fish on float rigs.
TELE BOLO ZT Special long telescopic rod for Bolognese method.
TELE BOLO GT Lighter Bolognese rod for more demanding anglers.
Antris HTI Tele Slim
TELE SLIM Slim and selected telescopic blanks with light guides. Ideal float fishing rods. They are also very light.
ANTRIS HTI  Match Rods
MATCH Classic rods for English match method. There are three popular lengths with 20 g casting weight. Very good for roach, bream, tench and other species.
TELE MATCH Telescopic version of match rods. Very compact and comfortable in transport. Ideal for medium size fish.
TELE TINO Light, universal float rods. Recommended for bream and roach fishing. Available in three popular lengths and 30g casting weight.
ANTRIS HTI Telescopic Rods
ALLROUND Another popular range of telescopic all-round rods. Popular lengths in three different casting weights. Rods to 40g are ideal for float fishing. Heavier rods to 60/80g are perfect for specimen fishing also with feeders.
ANTRIS HTI Telescopic Rods
TELE PRINCE Very popular model of telescopic rods for regular fishing. Two casting weight options. 25 g i 40 g. Lighter rods are ideal for float fishing. Heavier rods will be also good with feeders.
ANTRIS HTI Telescopic Rods
TELE STRONG Extreme strong telescopic rods for the heaviest rigs. Thick blank copes with heavy pressures from heavy rigs and big fish landing.
SPINNING RODS Wide range of universal spinn rods from 2,10 m to 3,00 m and different casting weight from 5 g to 40 g. You can easily find right rod for your lure, venue and fish you catch. Very comfortable, stable reel seat and cork handle.
SMART SPIN Range of universal spinn rods with moderate action. Different lengths and casting weights deliver right rod for angler's needs. Thin blanks have ideal guides layout. Butt foam section is shorter than in classic spinn rods.
ANTRIS HTI Sensitive Tip Spinn Rods
JIG SPIN Spinn rods with very sensitive tip that indicates every delicate strike. Ideal for small and medium size jigs with popular lengths. Slim blanks work perfectly, especially during fight. Recommended especially for perch.
Antris HTI Carp Rods
CARP Carp rods with very carefully designed performance. There are four 3-pcs models and one 2 pcs. Slim, good balanced blanks. Parabolic action. Larger diameter guides. Line friendly line clip over real seat.
ANTRIS HTI Telescopic Carp Rods
TELE CARP Wide range of popular telescopic carp rods. There is version CL with wrapped guides and ST with guides mounted on metal rings. Additionally we have STW version with cork handle. This range consists of rods in classical lengths from 3,30 m to 3,90m and many casting weights.
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