Genesis PRO Poles

DOMINATOR Top class Jaxon poles. Stiff and balanced action. Centre of gravity is moved to lower part, so it is easier to using. Universal pole, also suits to canals and rivers. For carp anglers we recommend two piece POWER TOP kit for thicker elastics. Puller kit has a hole with SIC Zirconia ring to protect elastic. Maxi set available with stylish holdall.


Don't use during storm and close to high voltage power lines.


CRYSTAL POLE Float fishing is very popular in many countries. Many anglers compete in many different types of fishing matches. For pole enthusiasts we have very good balanced and high quality FLOAT ACADEMY CRYSTAL POLE in 13 m. Spare top kits and MAXI set available.


Don't use during storm and close to high voltage power lines.

ALBORELLA LIMITED Limited edition of proven match whip construction. Unique offer for every match anglers. Ultra thin tip is very fast and together with light weight of the rod it allows to quickly build up a weight of smaller fish.
Float Academy  Alborella
ALBORELLA Next rod for match anglers. These short, very fast whips are ideal for quick fishing in short distance. Ideal for matches where bleak or other small fish are crucial.