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A good, reliable reel is a heart of every lure and coarse fishing setup. In some float methods you can use long poles without guides and reels, but in the rest of fishing methods reel is irreplaceable. You simply cannot fish without it. Key factors of a good reel are: mechanism construction, quality of materials and matching all elements. Line lay system makes that casts are longer and more accurate. In turn well made and precise drag system allows you to land very big fish on delicate gear. Smaller reels in lighter setups have to handle with different tasks than big reels for very heavy sea setups. Preparing our reel range we have focused on quality of applied materials. We have one goal - providing the maximum comfort for the angler in fishing. In our wide range of reels you can find lure fishing reels, carp and coarse reels, sea reels, fly reels and multiplier reels.

BOSMAN MTL, MTR Big sea multiplier for cod and other sea predators fishing. 2 versions available: MTL with left hand handle and MTR with right hand handle. Please note Bosman multipliers have a counter that helps in placing your bait on certain depth. Counter counts in feet, if you want the approximate result in meters: please divide by 3.
PROCASTER XL, XR Low profile, modern casting reel. Precise construction with seven bearings including OWC. Spool movement can be adjusted in three ways: by clamp of spool, by centrifugal brake and by magnetic brake. Smooth work of this reel helps in accurate casting on long distances. Procaster multiplier is available in two versions: XL with left hand handle and XR with right hand handle.
CASTING XTL Advanced low profile multipliers. Left handed XTL version available. Recommended for lure fishing.