Fly reels

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A good, reliable reel is a heart of every lure and coarse fishing setup. In some float methods you can use long poles without guides and reels, but in the rest of fishing methods reel is irreplaceable. You simply cannot fish without it. Key factors of a good reel are: mechanism construction, quality of materials and matching all elements. Line lay system makes that casts are longer and more accurate. In turn well made and precise drag system allows you to land very big fish on delicate gear. Smaller reels in lighter setups have to handle with different tasks than big reels for very heavy sea setups. Preparing our reel range we have focused on quality of applied materials. We have one goal - providing the maximum comfort for the angler in fishing. In our wide range of reels you can find lure fishing reels, carp and coarse reels, sea reels, fly reels and multiplier reels.

SPECTRA FLY Nice looking fly reels made from duralumin. Central drag adjustment. On way clutch bearing. Large arbor spool that prevent from kinking the line. Can be quickly change for lefthanded anglers. 3 sizes available.
TRADA FLY Popular fly reels. Graphite body and spool. Spare spool available.
MONOLITH FLY XT To our very successful fly rods MONOLITH series we add modern, professional fly reels for the most demanding fly anglers. Very strong, light and openwork CNC construction from superstrong duraluminum. Precise mechanism with Japanese bearings, reliable drag with central adjustments. Can be quickly changed for lefthanded anglers. 3 sizes available from small grayling reels, through middle for trout to large model in #7/8 class for silver trout fishing.
Jaxon Black Shadow Fly
JAXON BLACK SHADOW FLY Fly reels for every professional fly angler. Construction based on extremely strong CNC machined duralumin which provides robust and comfort of many hours fishing. Available in 3 sizes for most popular rod weights and techniques. Additional spare spools available.
Jaxon Itaka Fly
JAXON ITAKA FLY Attractive fly reel made from duralumin. Quick spool change mechanism are comfort for those who like change your setup during fishing. Main drag system with smooth adjustment. Available in 3 sizes that suit to different techniques and species - trout, grayling or sea trout.
Jaxon Trada Master
JAXON TRADA MASTER Openwork designed fly reel made from graphite composites. Very light and ideal for beginners. Available in 3 sizes. Spare spools also available.