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Owner brand is well known as one of the best manufacturer of perfect hooks and trebles on this planet. Many anglers know this brand also as manufacturer of wide range of perfect fishing lines and braids. Japan for years is regarded as the tycoon in the technology of synthetic fibers processing. On the very demanding Japanese market Owner's lines and braids are always on the top. Owner's line and braid range contains just the best possible products. Please note that diameters and performance parameters are regulated by EFFTA standards.

High end mono line. Green camou colour makes that this line is nearly invisible in even very clear water. Very smooth surface, great casting performance and good accuracy on long distances. For universal purposes, especially for lure fishing. Supplied on 150m and connected 100m spools. In low diameters from 0.08 to 0.18mm this line is also supplied on 25m spools.
Attractive, new version of Broad line in transparent, blue colour. Supplied on comfortable 150m spools.
Series of high end sinking fluorocarbon lines. Thanks to special, unique technology Owner TFC lines are very soft and great knot strength. This line is nearly invisible in water. Recommended for every kind of leaders and hooklengths in different methods. Many lure anglers use this fluorocarbon line with bright, visible main braids. It is specially recommended during autumn months when water is much cleaner.