Ground baits, additives Premium

Jaxon Method Ground Boilies 16 mm
Professional boilies with full of complex ingredients. The highest grades components and flavours attract big carp and grass carp. 11 flavours available. Packs 1 kg.
Pellets  Jaxon Method Ground 12 mm
High grade pellets made from the highest grade ingredients and additives. These pellets are rich of amino acids, vitamins and proteins. Pellets slowly dissolves in water, make clouds and attract fish. 11 flavours available. Packs 1kg.
Jaxon Method Ground Hook Boilies 16 mm FG-KH01
Hook, sinking boilies with high level of complete ingredients. All ingredients are carefully selected to stimulate fish feeding. These boilies are rich of betaine, amino acids, shellfish extracts, fish meal and milk proteins. These boilies are very effective in every conditions. 11 flavours available in popular 16 mm size. Packs 100g.