Groundbaits accessories

Jaxon Select Groundbaits

Groundbaits are one of the most important thing in match fishing scene. Good, effective groundbait is the key to achieve good result on fishing matches. Professional groundbait should attract fish quickly and hold them in small place. This is very hard in venues with big pressure. In such conditions the most effective thing is high quality groundbait, that have been designed byt top match anglers. Effective groundbaits should strongly affect on fish senses. Our groundbaits contain high quality natural products, proteins, enhancers, herbs and many other attractors. Part of ingredients have pop-up features.

Jaxon Premium Groundbaits

Effective groundbaits for all carp like species. Each groundbait is different - one of them are fine textured, others contain large particles. Recipes of all mixes are carefully designed and bear in mind right species and venues. All of them contain high quality, fresh ingredients and perfect selection of flavours. Available in packs 1 kg, 2,5 kg and 5 kg.

Jaxon Premium leams and soils
In our offer every match angler can find high quality leam for binding river groundbaits (bind leam) and disperse leam for still water groundbait and to carry bloodworm. There is also light dark soil that is very good with groundbait and bloodworm as well. Soil has natural black colour and makes more cloud in water.
Jaxon Premium Feed Granulate
All anglers who fish carp like species know how important is to make groundbait with different particles. One of such particles could be rich in proteins feed granulate. It can be add to ready groundbait or you can feed it by catapult or baiting spoon. This granulate quickly dissolves in water and attracts fish. Granulates are available in 3mm and 5 popular flavours.