Fishing Box RH-181
Spacious fishing box with seat. Versatile, recommended for ice fishing. Sizes : 38/26/31 cm.
Multiloader PRO RF-T5P
Multiloader PRO, modern fishing box. Supplied with 7 Tuff Tainer boxes, additional space for tackle. Dimensions: 46/36/28 cm.
Multifunctional fishing box. Three boxes at the front + two additional boxes. Dimensions: 48/31/37 cm.
Multiloader RF-T4
Multifunctional fishing box Multiloader. 5 Tuff Tainer boxes supplied. Dimensions: 36/29/24 cm.
Hip Roof Box RF-2059
Very big fishing box. Six drawers.
Dimensions: 50/30/27 cm.
Classic Tray Box RF-2237
Fishing box. Three drawers. Additional boxes on top and upper drawer. Dimensions: 51/26/26 cm.