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Owner's hooks to nylon Professional sets of hooks to nylon. Made from Owner's hook and Owner Broad line. There are two types of hooklengths: "S: „S” with 65 cm hooklength and „RL” with 70 cm hooklength.
BC PINT HO-51789
Universal eyed hooks with stright point.
Popular eye end hooks with medium size shank. Recommended for leger fishing or drop shot method with small soft lures.
S-59 HO-51580
Hooks with bigger eyes and long shank. Recommended especially to use with "cheburashka" jigs.
Eye end hooks with long shank. Two barbs on shank inside hook for better grip. Recommended especially to use with "cheburashka" jigs.
Drop shot hooks with wide gap for bigger soft lures. They provide good hook hold and safe landing. Available in red colour.
BOILIES ACT-X Boilies 16 mm
High quality boilies. Based on carefully selected ingredients that create an ideal mix rich in proteins. Oils and flavours attract carp to the feeding place. Available in 16 mm in 6 popular flavours. Pack 800 g.
Carp Zoom Duo „Pop-up” 12 mm & 16 mm
New floating version of Duo Hook Boilies. Combination of two flavours and colours in one bait. This is not just visual effect, but connection of two different baits. This combination is very effective for different conditions. In every can you can find 65 g of mixed boilies of 12 and 16mm. Available in five different flavours.
Carp Zoom Soft „Pop-up” 8 mm & 10 mm & 12 mm
Special pop-ups with high leakage feature. They have also high bouoyancy, which is attractive for fish. Can be used alone or with other baits. Packs contain 70 g of boilies in 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Available in five different flavours.
Carp Zoom Method Feeder Pellets
Special pellets for METHOD FEEDER. High quality product that contains fish oils and flavours that attract carp. Ideal for method feeders. You need just add a little water to these pellets. Great groundbait additive. Two flavours in 3mm, packs 120g.
Carp Zoom Competition Feeder Soft Hookers 8 & 10 mm
Ideal hook pellets for long casts. The hookers texture is prepared to withstand hitting the water surface even on longer distances. Ingredients are very attractive to fish. In 90 g packs there are 8mm and 10mm pellets.
Carp Zoom Feeder Competition Feeder Boilies 8 mm

Special boilies developed for meeting the requirements of feeder fishing. Thanks to the instant release of the irresistable flavours the Feeder Boilies will attract fish to feed aggressively. 8 mm can be good for big carp as well as smaller and other carp like fish. Available in 85 g packs and five flavours.

Carp Zoom Feeder Competition Sweet Feeder Dip
Special dip for feeder fishing. It dissolves quickly and creates attractive cloud. It contains betaine that is great digest enhancer. High quality and effective ingredients. Available in 80 ml packs and 6 flavours.
Owner Precision Jig Heads

2 colours available: silver and black nickel. 3 to 5 jig heads in pack depending on hook size. In 2016 we have enlarged our offer with new Big Game jig heads.

Carp Zoom Feeding Pellets 2, 3, 4,5, 10, 16, 20 mm
Proffesional sinking pellets based on halibut meal with aminoacids, vitamins, proteins and other additives. Very popular across Europe. Dissolving time: from 5 to 20 hours, depending on size and water temperature. Available in 6 sizes: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4,5 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, in packs 800 g.
METHOD FEEDER Method feeder is very popular and deadly effective way of feeder fishing. Method Feeder rods feature light blank and parabolic action. Despite its slim diameter, rod has enough power to land good size carp. Delivered with 3 quiver carbon tips. .
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