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Genesis PRO Spinning Rod
GENESIS PRO SEA TROUT SPIN Strong, 3 meters spinning rod with oversized guides. Guides with larger diameter reduce icing during winter fishing. Recommended for winter sea trout and salmon fishing.
Symbian HX   Supreme Spin
SUPREME SPIN In 2018 we add to our top spinning rods range SYMBIAN a new model SUPREME SPIN in three lengths. Casting weights from 3/4g to 16/18g are very versatile for many predators. These rods are suitable for light and medium heavy lures - spoons and spinners, wobblers and soft lures. Notably fast action with additional power in surprisingly light blank.
GREY STREAM Ultralight
GREY STREAM ULTRALIGHT 1-7 g, 2-12 g Ultra light and light rods for the smallest soft lures. Amazing slim and fast tapered blank with notably slow action. In the lightest model with cw. 7g there is modern, minimalistic reel seat that shown how slim this blank is.
GREY STREAM UNIVERSAL 4-17g, 5-23g Universal, light spinning rods suited for predator fishing and wide range of lures - small and medium size soft lures, spinners and wobblers. Moderate action. Blanks have enough power to land quite big predators.
GREY STREAM UNIVERSAL 8-30g, 10-40g Range of stronger, universal spinning rods for pike, zander or perch and for larger and heavier lures. Notable fast action helps when fishing on soft lures especially during dropping. These rods are also quite good in fishing with spoons and spinners.
GREY STREAM TRAVEL 30g Universal spinning rods with short transport lengths. Very compact and comfortable during flights. Recommended also for those anglers who like long fishing backpack trips.
Antris HTI Tele Slim
TELE SLIM Slim and selected telescopic blanks with light guides. Ideal float fishing rods. They are also very light.
Antris HTI  Power Tip Sea Rods
POWER TIP Very robust rods with big power in butt section. Casting weight 150/200g makes them ideal for boat cod fishing. Very bright solid fibreglass tip is very durable. In 2018 we extend Power Tip series with 4 new models.
Antris HTI Power Multitip
POWER MULTITIP Rods dedicated to cod or other sea predators fishing from boat. There are three spare tips available that suit your rod to sea depth and lures you use. These rods have enough power to cope with big deep sea specimens.
Zaffira Spinning Rods
SPINNING Range of spinning rods in popular lengths for bank or boat fishing. Wide range of casting weights available suited to nearly all lures and fish you want to catch.
Zaffira Spinning Rods TX
SPINNING TX Spinning Rods with higher content of carbon fibers. Faster action compared to basic models.
Zaffira Sensitive Tip Spinn Rods
JIG SPIN Spinning rods with solid sensitive tip. Recommended to predator fishing on soft lures.
Zaffira Sensitive Tip Spinn Rods
JIG SPIN TX Spinning rods with solid sensitive tip. Blanks contain carbon fibers.
Zaffira Sea Rods
PILK Range of powerful sea rods. Robust construction copes with heavy stresses. Recommended for Baltic cod fishing on pirks.
Zaffira Surf
SURF Range of surf fishing rods. Dynamic and robust constructions that allow you to throw your rigs on far distance. Very often the key to success in sea shore fishing is to throw your heavy lead far away to the sea.
Zaffira  Carp rods
CARP 3-Piece carp rods. The most popular lengths and test curves that suit to any venue. Strong blanks with additional power.
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