Hard lures

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Holo Select Ferox
HS FEROX FEROX Ferox (in latin means „wild”) wobblers are exactly what the name suggest. Very aggressive work with rapid diving. Great for attract shy trout, silver trout, perch, aggressive pike and zander. Available in few sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cm.
HS FEROX DR New version of proven on many venues model FEROX. The same body with bigger lip that allows for deeper diving - even for 10m. Ideal for deep waters, also in trolling. Available in 8 cm and 10 cm.
HS FEROX TURBO Wobblers based on Ferox model. The main difference is noticeably wider tail part of its body which looks nearly like fish tail. This change moved its main weight which slightly modified its action. FEROX TURBO works sideways but under smaller angle than in original model. Available in two sizes: 7 cm and 8 cm.
Holo Select Karaś
HS KARAŚ Wide wobblers that imitate crucian, silver bream or bream. This wobbler has short lip and dives slowly and not so deep.
Enhanced version of legendary CRUCIAN wobbler that works shallow. Ideal for predators in shallow, close to surface water. Available in one size 7 cm.
Holo Select Carpan
HS CARPAN Series of flat, high wobblers imitates many carp like species - carp, bream, silver bream, crucian. Very tight action. 3 sizes available: Recommended for pike.
Holo Select Valader
HS VALADER Series of wobblers that imitates two fish - perch and rudd. 3 sizes available: small 5 cm for perch and trout, medium 7 cm and 9 cm for zander and pike.
Holo Select Deep Diver
HOLO SELECT DEEP DIVER Wobbler for deep waters. Very fast diving. Larger model of DEEP DIVER goes under 7 m deep. Recommended for pike and zander fishing on deep slopes. The smallest model 5 cm is ideal for trout fishing.
Holo Select Spirit
HS SPIRIT Wobblers with fat body and lip for deep sinking. Aggressive action is ideal in classic retrieving and also in trolling.
Holo Select Fighter
Fast running and diving wobblers with long lip. Aggressive, fery fast action, indicated on rod tip. Ideal for deep holes and troughs.
Holo Select Tingo
HS TINGO Wide body that imitates silver bream or small bream. Available in 5 sizes, from tiny wobblers for trout and perch, to big lures for pike. Moderate action. Work in upper parts of water from 0,3 to 1.5 m in standard retrieve.
Small wobblers in discreet colours. Available in two sizes: 5 cm models for close to surface waters and 7 cm for deeper waters close to snags, underwater holes or weedy areas.
Holo Select Horn
HS HORN Two part wobblers. Divided body and wide lip enhances working action. Available in three floating sizes.
Holo Select Diver

Series of slender, elongated wobblers with long lip. Very fast down running after few reel turns. Recommended for deeper venues.

HS NIDOR Wobblers similar in shape of small bleak or dace. Elongated, slim body, medium size lip. NIDOR effectively attracts good size pike and asp. Recommended for fishing predators in every waters, also for river trolling.
Holo Select Longus

Elongated, slender wobblers imitates bleak or roach. Aggressive, tight action. Slow, not so deep diving is ideal for shallow, weedy areas. 9cm and 11cm models are supplied with rattle that attracts predators. LONGUS wobblers are recommended for zander and pike.

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