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Holo Select  Kabos
HS KABOS Spinners with classic body and fluo bead. Additional decoy on treble. Spinner runs immediately after first reel turn.
Holo Select Satis
Holo Select SATIS Spinners with medium weight, trebles with attractive decoy made from natural materials. Universal, very effective lure for predators.
Holo Select Velis
Holo Select Velis Medium weight spinners with elongated blade Long type. Trebles with attractive decoy made from natural feathers.
Holo Select Ratax
HS RATAX Spinners with Long shape blades and medium heavy body. Blades with holo effect and three models in natural colours: silver, copper and gold.
Holo Select Fenix
Spinners with elongated blade Long type. Blade's inside in silver colour. Smaller models are very effective for perch, trout and chub. Bigger spinners recommended for pike and sea trout.
Holo Select Classic Flash L
Spinners with elongated blade Long type. Blade's surface with unique pattern.
Holo Select Garon
Spinners with heavier body. Recommended for deeper venues. Can be also used in sea trout fishing.
Holo Select Wolf
Holo Select Wolf Spinners. Very good balanced, immediate blade rotating. Heavier body. Classical design.
Holo Select Holley
Spinners with blade Comet type. Blade's inside in silver colour. Available in 5 sizes, including big pike spinners.
Holo Select Classic Contra
Series of spinners with wider blade. Similar to classical spinners with coloured blades. Effective colours selected. Recommended for sea trout, perch and trout depending on size.
Holo Select Classic Flash A
Spinners with fish scales pattern on blade.
Holo Select Doro
HS DORO Spinners with classic blade. Wide range of sizes and colours for different species.
Holo Select Troffy
Spinners with wide blade.
Holo Select Zephyr
Series of spinners with non-standard body. Ideal action from first cast. Available in few sizes for all predators.
Holo Select Esox
Special spinner for pike fishing. Can be retrieve very slowly with ideal blade action. The blade also works during spinner's drop. Effective on lakes and rivers.
Weights for spinners CJ-C
Available in: 5 g; 10 g; 15 g; 20 g.
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