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INTENSA GTX  Pilker Sea fishing
PILKER Robust, 2-piece rods for cod and other sea predators boat fishing.
INTENSA GTX  Power Tip morskie
POWER TIP Specially developed range of sea fishing rods with inserted solid tip for cod and coalfish fishing. Solid tip allows to safely landing bigger fish. It will be very hard to achieve this with classic construction.
INTENSA GTX  Power Multitip
POWER MULTITIP Another range of sea fishing rods for cod and coalfish. In this rod you can choose suitable tip depending on fishing conditions and weight of your lures. There are three spare tips with casting weights: 150g, 175 g and 200g.
INTENSA GTX BOAT, BOAT CT Modern boat sea fishing rods. Ideal for vertical fishing and trolling. Model BOAT CT has reel seat adjusted to multiplier.
INTENSA GTX  Halibut rod
HALI PILK Sea fishing rod for mighty halibut. There is no compromises in this construction. Blank and other gear are carefully selected to guarantee you safely landing the biggest sea predators. Butt section ends with EVA cap which cover gimbal.
INTENSA GTX Surfcasting
SURF Surfcasting sea fishing rod. Blanks of these rods are made for extreme casting distances. If we want to succeed in fishing from sea shore, it is very important to make very long casts. You can also use these rods as alternative spod rod during your carp session.
INTENSA GTX  Travel Pilk Cod rod
TRAVEL PILK Comfortable 5-pieces travel cod rods. Ideal for anglers who travel to Norway by plane. Short transport length allows to pack it to bigger bag or suitcase.
TELE STRONG Heavy telescopic rods for extreme situations. These rods are great when we need to make long casts with heavy setup. Quite good as surfcasting rod. Can be also use as spod rod in carp fishing.
Antris HTI  Power Tip Sea Rods
POWER TIP Very robust rods with big power in butt section. Casting weight 150/200g makes them ideal for boat cod fishing. Very bright solid fibreglass tip is very durable. In 2018 we extend Power Tip series with 4 new models.
Antris HTI Pilk Sea Rods
PILKER Range of rods for pilk fishing. Ideal for cod and other sea predators. Rods are available in 2,40m and 2,70m and in two casting weights.
Antris HTI Pilk Sea Rods
PILKER CTI Special version of pilk rod prepared to multiplier.
Antris HTI Power Multitip
POWER MULTITIP Rods dedicated to cod or other sea predators fishing from boat. There are three spare tips available that suit your rod to sea depth and lures you use. These rods have enough power to cope with big deep sea specimens.
Antris HTI Boat Cod Rods
BOAT Sea rods for vertical fishing on boats. Short length are comfortable even on smaller vessels. They are also good in heavy sea trolling.
Antris HTI  Surf Rods
SURF Classic 3-pcs surf rod. Relatively long rod that help you to put your line over tides.
Antris HTI Travel Pilk Cod Rods
TRAVEL PILK Cod rods for travellers. All rods have 5 pieces, so transport lengths are just 59-61 cm, so they are easy to transport. All elements have spigot joints. Blanks have been carefully chosen to maintain all important performance features like in 2 pieces rods.
PILK Two version of rods dedicated cod and other sea predators fishing from boat. 3 interchangeable tips included to suits any venue conditions, depth and underwater currents.
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