Genesis PRO Tele Float
TELE FLOAT Range of universal telescopic rods for float fishing. Ideal for catching bream, tench and big roach. They are made from high grade carbon blanks, that are light and robust. TELE FLOAT are ideal for anglers that looking for light, perfectly balanced high quality rods. Stylish design, guides, reel seat are perfectly made and create great rod for every angler.

METHOD FEEDER Method feeder is very popular and deadly effective way of feeder fishing. Method Feeder rods feature light blank and parabolic action. Despite its slim diameter, rod has enough power to land good size carp. Delivered with 3 quiver carbon tips.

INTENSA GTX  Feeder rods
METHOD FEEDER Method Feeder is very poopular among anglers, therfore we put special Method Feeder rods in INTENSA range. Very reliable blanks with sensitive tips. Available lengths: 3.00m, 3.30m and 3.60m in optimal casting weight 60g.
Antris HTI Feeder Rods
FEEDER Heavier version of feeder rods. Strong, robust blanks are ready to cope with heavy feeder setups. There are 3 class of rods with maximal casting weights 90g, 120g, and 150g.
Zaffira Feeder rods
METHOD FEEDER Special version of feeder rods for Method feeders. Very robust blanks in three lengths. Three spare tips with different sensitivity that suits to venue conditions and different rigs.