Spare tips

Zaffira  Feeder rods
FEEDER Feeder rods in popular lengths and casting weights. Sensible, spare tips indicate every bites.
Zaffira Feeder rods
METHOD FEEDER Special version of feeder rods for Method feeders. Very robust blanks in three lengths. Three spare tips with different sensitivity that suits to venue conditions and different rigs.
Zaffira  Feeder rods
WINKLEPICKER Classic light and short feeder rods. Spare two glass tips with different sensitivity. Ideal for roach, bream and tench.
Zaffira  Telescopic feeder rods
TELE FEEDER Telescopic version of feeder rods. Available with two spare tips with different sensitivity. Short transport length helps in transport.
Spare rod tips AK-SWD

MIX TIP for whips - carbon fiber

Spare quiver tips AK-SWS_AA/A/B/C, AK-SWW_A/B

To feeder and quiver rods. White - very soft action. RED - soft action. GREEN - medium action. YELLOW - stiff action.