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Jaxon Intensa XXL TG-INX230
Very big soft lures for big predators. Recommended for big pike. Can be also used in sea fishing for big cod and halibut.
Jaxon Extreme Soft Jaxon Rak TJ-F
Small crayfish for sea rigs. Great lure for Baltic cod.
Holo Select Born 3D
HS BORN 3D Unique pilker with special 3D effect finish. 3D finish breaks light underwater that attracts fish.
Holo Select Born Double Paint
Special version, double coloured pilkers -each side in different colour.
Holo Select Getka Renix
Special range of pilkers made for Jaxon by one of the best European cod anglers. Mariusz Getka is many time Polish Champion in sea fishing. These very effective pilkers have great design with right colours. The choice of the colour depends on the venue and season. All HOLO SELECT GETKA pilkers have high quality sea trebles PERMA STEEL.
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